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Moving Head Hire
Add flare to your event with moving head lighting for hire in London. Pro System Services has a wide range of moving heads available for you to choose from, which come with an array of colours and unique features on offer, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find the perfect moving head to meet your requirements. Our experienced AV technicians will deliver your lighting to you, as part of our bespoke hiring service.

Our Moving Head Range

All moving heads within our broad collection possess fantastic lighting capabilities at an affordable price for hire. The Chauvet Legend 330SR Spot, for example, delivers beautifully crisp and vivid optics that spread across a venue using its agile movements. With a zoom range of 5° to 24°, this moving head light is perfect for many different types of events.

The Chauvet Legend 230SR Beam has in incredible 96,000 lux output at fifteen metres and produces a miniature 2.25° beam angle. The compact design of the body ensures maximum agility and boasts a zooming eight-facet prism and seventeen gobos which allows for beam-shaping effects. Benefit from this light’s fourteen colours in addition to white.

For specific colours, check out the Chauvet R range. The Chauvet Rouge R1 LED Wash, for instance, offers high performance features at a low price. The seven RGBW 15W quad-LEDs produce vibrant and captivating colours and give a unique and vivid render, thanks to an innovative bubble lens design. This moving head light also comes available in yellow.

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