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Lighting Control Hire
Pro System Services provides a large selection of lighting control systems for hire in London. Browse through our buffers, splitters and controllers today for easy manipulation of lighting and lighting effects during your event.

The AV professionals at Pro System Services will ensure that all of your requirements are catered for during the course of the event that you will be hosting. As part of our bespoke hiring service, we will provide delivery of your lighting equipment for your convenience.

Buffers, Splitters & Controllers

Buffers and splitters, such as the Chauvet Datastream 4 DMX, are a crucial piece of lighting equipment, as they ensure the distribution of the incoming DMX signal. This buffer/splitter distributes the DMX signal in a daisy chain configuration into four separate outputs. The additional thru-output is a fantastic addition for any extra utilities you wish to attach.

Get access to all of your lighting equipment with the use of the Titan Mobile Wing, capable of converging all utilities into one simple controller. This controller boasts thirty user-programmable executors which make tasks such as cues, lists, palettes, groups or macros an easy and seamless experience.

For a comprehensive controller for lighting equipment, take a look at the Avolites Sapphire Touch. This highly advanced controller contains many enhanced features such as submasters, more flash and executor buttons. With such incredible capabilities, this controller is ideal for use in big events. The two wide-screen touch panels allow for easy identification of all lighting elements within the venue.

Contact the Team

For queries regarding our lighting control hire, you can get in touch with the team by phone on 020 8819 9875 or by emailing us. Alternatively, you can fill out our quick and simple online contact form. If you’re ready to hire from us, you can request a quote now.