Avolites TNP

Day: £110
Week: £330

The Avolites Titan Network Processor (TNP) enables any Titan console to be expanded to a total of 64 Universes. Each Titan Network Processor processes up to 16 universes of which 8 are provided as DMX512 on the unit and all 16 universes are available via Art-net over the dual Ethernet port.

Additional Information

16 Universes processed

8 DMX512 outlets optical and galvanic isolation

SMPTE balanced input

MIDI in, thru and Out

 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, either fitted at the front or back of the unit (fitted to the front ex-works)

Bright 800×600 touch sensitive LCD slated upwards

Integral part of the Titan console family with a dedicated UI on the console

Two USB2 sockets at the front

Build in UPS (5 x 5 minute session without charging)

100~240v AC main input range

Intel i5 processor, 2Gb Ram, fast SSD drive for the system

Processing unit is mounted on a shock mounted frame

61 x 57 x 34 cm
14.5 kg