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Light Dimming Hire
Browse Pro System Services’ range of light dimming systems for hire in London. Our extensive collection can cater towards your individual needs; whether you need a simple dimmer pack for small events, or a larger power cube for more expansive venues, Pro System Services has you covered.

Dimmer Packs

Dimmer packs, such as the Strand 6 pack, are ideal for a dimmer solution that’s portable and capable of rack and wall-mounting applications. This dimmer pack possesses multiple socket options, including Dual UK 15A, Schuko, French, CEE17 or CEE17 (32A connector, 5kW load), and can also be hardwired. Take advantage of this DMX controlled pack, which features a fail hold function, termination switch and in/out options. If you’re in need of a more compact dimmer pack, take a look at the Showtec 4 x 5A DMX.

Power Cubes

Pro System Services is proud to be able to provide a selection of power cubes; a holistic solution to all your light dimming requirements. These power cubes provide dimming, main and data distribution, all in the convenience of one box. Starting with the smallest size in our range, the 43kg Avolites power cube can provide twelve dimmer circuits at 10A each, six combined dimmers, six fixed mains at 16A each and two utility CEE16 outlets at 16A each. This compact power cube is a truly powerful unit that is equipped with a highly-regulated mains breaker, ensuring protection of the neutral wire for use during single phase operation.

Power cubes go up in size and power respectively, with the Avolites Art 200 T2 24 Way - boasting faster set up times and giving control of up to twenty-four individual channels - using four plug-in modules of twelve channels each.

Benefit from the best in our light dimming systems range with the Avolites Art 2000 T4 48 Way, capable of incredibly fast set-up speeds and allowing for control of up to forty-eight individual channels using four plug-in modules of twelve channels each.

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If you’re interested in hiring a light dimming system in London, you can request a quote from Pro Systems Services today. If you have any questions regarding this range, please get in touch with us on 020 8819 9875 or by emailing us. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.