Avolites Art 2000 T2 24 Way

Day: £200
Week: £600

Providing a complete solution to Dimming, Moving Light Power and Data distribution. No need to have separate mains distribution or DMX splitters making set up times faster and lowering the number of individual components needed to put a show together.

The ART 2000 controls up to 24 individual channels using four plug in modules of 12 channels each.

Additional Information

24 channels at 16 amps per channel

Channels can be specified as dimmable, manual switch or contactor

Excellent noise suppression with 250uS chokes

100% duty cycle

Single Pole and Neutral Disconnect breakers are available

C-type breakers allow for High inrush

Three Phase and Single Phase operation (requires option)

Individual faders for each channel for use as channel test, scene setting or for controlling the twelve on-board memories

Two isolated DMX inputs with DMX merge

Full softpatch in module – any dimmer channel to any DMX channel on both lines

Large back-lit LCD display showing patching, dimmer levels and status

No sub menus – 15 buttons each with dedicated function

Internal memories for stand-alone operation, each with master fader

Link facility to allow module faders to become memory masters for the entire rack or system

16 dimming response curves

Output voltage limit from 1% to 100%

Mains frequency tracking

Input power on Powerloc, Camlock single pole connectors, or CeeNorm P17, other possibilities to special order

Analog Voltage metering standard or  Digital Voltage metering (option)

Optional loop out power connectors

Analog Current  metering standard or  Digital Current  metering (option)

RCB protection on all circuits or optional ELDC selectable earth leakage protection

Wielands ST17 patch panel with 60 socket

Patch panel has switchable patch light and a battery operated lamp test socket

Choice of multipin output panels with 10x Socapex 19 pin, 8x Harting or 24 Cee16 direct out connectors.

Localized custom wiring for the multipin outlet connectors to suit local markets