iSolution 575SP Spot

Day: £40
Week: £120

iSolution technology allows synchronisation of different types of intelligent iSolution fixtures via either a custom-built iLead DMX-512 controller or in stand-alone mode. iLead (Integrated Lighting System) allows fixtures to be linked and work in synchronisation, regardless of type, including iLead-equipped scanners, moving heads, and colour changers.

Additional Information

Lamp: MSD/NSD 575W 

Beam angle: 14 degrees 

Remote focus

Pan/tilt auto correction

Pan: 540˚, Tilt: 270˚

16 Bit Pan/Tilt

0 – 100% dimming and variable strobe

(1) 7 rotating, indexable and replaceable gobos + open 

(2) 9 static replaceable gobos + open

42.7 x 36.9 x 47.8 cm
27 kg