Chauvet Legend 230SR Beam

Day: £65
Week: £195

Legend 230SR Beam outputs an intense 96,000 lux at 15 meters, thanks to a 230-watt Osram Sirius lamp, precision glass optics and a tiny 2.25° beam angle. Compact and agile, it also features a zooming 8-facet prism and 17 gobos (plus open) for beam shaping effects, along with automated focus. In addition to 14 solid colors plus white, the color wheel delivers seamless split colors.

Additional Information


3- and 5-pin DMX input/output connections

Virtually silent operation for use in any situation

Precision optics for hard-edged beam effects

Variable frost for wash-style effects

8-facet rotating prism with zoom for stunning effects

Fast, precise pan and tilt movement

Neutrik powerCON power input

Uses Osram Sirius 230 W lamp source with a rated 2,500 hours life expectancy

Compact moving yoke beam fixture with zoomable prism and motorized focus

Light Source: Osram Sirius 230 W lamp, 8000 K, 2,500 hours life expectancy

Beam Angle: 2.25°

Illuminance: 96,000 lux @ 15 m

34.3 x 41.5 x 49.8 cm
18.7 kg