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Signal Processing Equipment Hire
Experience full control of sound for your event with Pro System Services’ range of signal processing systems for hire in London. These speaker management systems are capable of creating and controlling various audio amplifications and enhancements, as well as assisting in the synchronisation between your audio and visual equipment. With such a wide selection of signal processing equipment for hire to choose from, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find the perfect signal processor that’s right for your individual needs.

Fully Capable Speaker Management Systems

The Lexicon MX200 Effects Unit is capable of housing two audio inputs, with an input independence of 20k Ohms when balanced and 10k Ohms unbalanced. The Lexicon’s stylish and compact design weighs only 1.7kg and boasts variable input levels and frequency responses.

A fantastic alternative is the Alesis Nano Verb Effects Unit. Its “plug-in-and-play” design incorporates 256 pre-sets and 1000ms maximum delay time. Weighing only 0.76kg, this easily transportable speaker management system has a variable frequency response and a 52-bit DSP resolution.

For a true stereo dual-channel processor with 24-bit internal processing, the Lexicon MPX 550 Effects Unit only weighs 1.4kg and yields impressive audio processing. Thanks to its 255 pre-sets with classic Lexicon reverb, as well as its variable impedance and levels, this speaker management system is perfect for controlling your audio. The dynamic range of 105dB, as well as its XLR and T/R/S connectors, allow for this device to handle multiple audio demands.

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