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Playback Hire
If recorded music is essential to your event, then you will need high specification playback equipment to truly enhance the experience and make the lasting impact you aspire to achieve.  Fortunately, Pro Systems Services has a competitively priced selection of playback equipment for hire, so you can be confident of making a fantastic impression. We don’t just cover London, but also offer a far-reaching service that encompasses the entire UK, so why not consider us when it comes to video and lighting equipment, as well as fulfilling your sound hire needs?

High Quality Audio Playback Solutions

Our selection of playback equipment incorporates not only CD players, but MD Recorders and tape decks too. The Numark MP103 USB CD Player is rack mountable and ideal if you store your audio in a computer library, in either MP3 or CD formats. Tascam’s CD160 is well regarded for its reliability and the ease by which it can send signals through digital consoles to other recorders. If MDs are the solution you require, we suggest the Tascam MD350 Professional MD Recorder, which is easily integrated into any system. Cueing functions are available, meaning sound cues become easier to hear in the midst of a busy event. We firmly believe that old school still has its place; that’s why we offer the Teac V10 Stereo cassette deck to give you a different and fun option.

Pro Systems Services for Great Value Playback Hire

At Pro Systems Services, we are proud of the technical know-how we’ve developed over our years in business - all our staff are enthusiasts who are always pleased to provide help and advice if required. If you would like more information on our playback hire equipment, don’t hesitate to phone 020 8819 9875, or simply get in touch through our convenient contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.