Radio Mic Systems Hire
Our range of radio mic systems for hire encompasses a variety of different components. Pro Systems supply hand held microphones, wireless bodypacks and distribution systems right the way across London and the UK. We have all bases covered regarding the necessary video and lighting kit too, giving your event the technological lift it deserves to create a memorable experience for all concerned.

Comprehensive Radio Mic Systems Hire Service

Our headset microphones offer the freedom and flexibility to move around as much as you like, making them ideal for performance and presentation. The Pro Systems Services range includes the DPA 4088 Directional Headset Microphone which offers easy mounting to left and right and eliminates distracting feedback and other peripheral noise. Or why not check out the Shure WL 185 Lavalier Microphone? Available from just £8 per day, this premium model is designed specifically for use in situations such as broadcasting, speeches, and lectures, while long cable runs aren’t a problem, thanks to the transformer-less output.

Stand out Wireless Bodypack models include the Shure QLXD1 + WH30, which is renowned for its clarity of signal and features a backlit LCD for easy navigation. As far as distribution systems are concerned, the Shure UA844 can support a maximum of four receivers and both DC power and antenna cables for receiver connections. Hire charges start from £20 per day, or £60 per week.

Last, but not least, the Shure UHF-R range provides both bodypacks and hand held transmitters. The Shure UR1 Bodypack + WL185 is both discreet and durable with frequency and power lockout, as well as removeable antenna. A great option when choosing handheld wireless microphones is  the Shure U2 Beta 87, which works with UHF-R wireless systems, and has the advantage of switchable RF power. Once again, the hire rate is very competitive; from £25 per day or £75 per week.

Get in Touch with Pro System Services for Radio Mic System Hire

The Pro System Services team will offer you the sound advice you need to make an informed radio mic equipment hire decision. To enquire about our range of equipment, just call 020 8819 9877, or fill in our simple contact form.