Speaker Hire
Speaker hire from Pro System Services can provide the precision and purity of sound to really do justice to the music you choose for your event. Our range incorporates both self-powered active speakers and passive speakers, which possess a separate amplifier. A high quality speaker makes a great addition to your technical set up, alongside our range of video and lighting equipment for hire. Whether your event is located in London, or elsewhere in the UK, we are pleased to supply equipment that matches your specific needs.

Competitive Rates on a Wide Variety of Speakers

The active speakers we offer for hire include options from well-known names such as Electro Voice and QSC. For example, the 15 inch, two-way powered Electro Voice ZLX-15P has a 1000 W power rating and provides enough amplifier headroom to ensure you can be heard at all times. Among the QSC choices available, the K10 is a lightweight and easy to manoeuvre 1kw powered speaker that has fast become an industry leading model, so we’d definitely recommend it.

When it comes to passive speakers, we have an array of d&b speakers to choose from. If you require a small system, then the d&b E3 offers you compact 20.2 x 19 x 35.2  dimensions without compromising on its ability to pack a sonic punch. Meanwhile, the larger d&b Q-Sub Cabinet can accommodate 10 sockets in the front grill and side panels, and can be used in conjunction with a loudspeaker stand if necessary.

Our speaker hire rates range from just £20-35 per day and £60-135 per week, depending on the specifications of the model you select. We work hard to ensure we have something available, regardless of your budget.

Contact Pro System Services to Discuss Your Speaker Hire Options Today

Selecting the right speaker for your needs can be bewildering at times. Our team of technical experts can cut through the jargon to offer you straightforward advice regarding the best speaker hire option for you. Just call 020 8819 9875 or get in touch via our online contact form.