Tecpro Master Station MS745

Day: £15
Week: £45

Designed to be the hub of a wired intercom system, the new compact MS745 Master Headset Station is 1U high and offers two independent intercom circuits which can be addressed separately or together by the operator.

Additional Information

Compact 1U format

Two independent intercom circuits, A and B

Supports up to 25 Tecpro BP511 beltpacks per circuit

Circuit B may be linked to A to form a single circuit supporting up to 50 beltpacks

Front panel XLR4 input for headset 

Side-tone presets on front panel for circuits A and B format

Mic amp limiting circuit protects against distortion and overloads

Rear XLR3 socket 'Aux' Mic/Line input. Switchable 24V Phantom power on mic input

'Aux' programme material mixes to either or both circuits. Front panel 'Aux' level control

Dual action 'Circuit Select' and 'Mic ON/OFF' switches with latching and non-latching modes 

DC and 20kHz 'Call' alert signal send and receive. Visual and audible 'Call' indication 

24kHz 'Remote Mic Kill' send and receive

Compatible with first generation Tecpro designs (except 'Remote Mic Kill')

Power output 1.1A per circuit

Short circuit and overload protection with indication on each intercom circuit

1.6 kg