Tecpro BP523

Day: £5
Week: £15

The BP523 dual circuit beltpack has A and B ‘Mic Select’ switches. Pressing the respective switch will open or close that microphone circuit. The ‘Mic Select’ switches glow green when activated.

Additional Information

Two female XLR 3 pin connectors on base for separate circuit connections 

Compatible with standard mic cables, no loop through

Lightweight, robust high impact ABS case 

Recessed controls and connectors prevent damage 

New rear mushroom mounting system – mates with swivel belt clip and other mounting options 

Male XLR 4 pin connector for headset

Powerful headphone amplifiers with two independent volume controls 

Sidetone preset for adjusting level of own voice in headset 

Limiter on mic amp – prevents distortion due to overload

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