LED Spectra Batten

Day: £7.50
Week: £22.5

This small, compact and lightweight unit is packed with 252 Ultra bright LEDs. On board features include colour mixing to create soft washes from its rich colour pallet and chase programmes controlled in auto mode or activated by the music. Several different chase programmes are included and can be selected by the control panel along with brightness and speed.

Additional Information

252 x 10mm LEDs (R: 108, G: 72, B: 72)

Beam angle: 40°

DMX channels: 3 or 9 selectable

Sound active, auto and master/slave modes

0-100% dimming and variable strobe

Bracket allows for multiple rigging or floor standing applications

4 push button menu with LED display

IEC power input/output

3-Pin XLR input/output

Optional IR remote (LEDJ90B)

6.3 x 101.8 x 6.3 cm
2.5 kg