Co2 Jet

Day: £25
Week: £75

Equally at home on stage, at corporate events or in night clubs and music venues, our Cryo Jet II Co2 Jets are electronically operated units which create large cryogenic fog plumes up to 8m in distance & more in humid conditions perfect for summer festivals and clubs.

Additional Information

British made from UK and European sourced components.
Full-Flow 10mm (3/8) Solenoid valves for maximum performance.
Low profile compact casing with full matt black low reflection finish.
Chamfered baseplate for easy truss mounting.
Neutrik PowerCon 20A or PowerCon True 1 Connectors for secure cabling.
Low Power Consumption 230v coil (with 110v and 24v versions to order).
50mm fast discharge nozzle as standard.

20 x 20 x 30 cm
5 kg