Global Truss 50mm 200KG SWL Half Coupler – Eyelet

Week: £2

The Global Truss Half-Coupler Eye Lighting Truss Adaptor is a lighting truss adaptor with eye bolt, holding up to 200kg, for truss diameter of 48 – 51 mm. The Coupler and ring terminal can be mounted on a traverse. Shackles, steel ropes and other lifting equipment can thus be attached.

Additional Information

Compatibility: 48-51mm

Load BGV C1: 100 kg

Tested according to DIN 4113-1: 1980 + A1: 2002 DIN41136-2: 2002 DIN V 4113-3: 1999

Closure: M12 wing nut

Finish: M10 eyelet

Width: 50mm

Tensile load: 200 kg

Breaking strength: 9.81 kN

Material: aluminium 6061 T6

120 x 120 x 50 cm
0.61 kg