The Perfect Night
Date: 12 July 2016

You can still feel the smile on your face.

The people were amazing, the music invigorating, the food was enough to make everyone happy and the lights tied the magic together. It felt like something out of a dream. As if you had suddenly become corporate Cinderella.


People you had never even seen not attached to a desk made a showing at the event. Bob from accounting even made a hit on the dance floor, popping and locking like there was no tomorrow. Although his performance came to an impromptu end when he realised how many people were watching, he gained a roaring applause, though he left rather sheepishly.

You almost hadn’t gone. Work parties, networking, it’s all a bit boring. At least you thought so. It would have been easy not to go, but you would have missed out on the best night you’ve had in a long time. If you had known you would have encouraged more of your co-workers to come, those who opted out had also missed out. They would hear of it tomorrow and hardly believe you, you were sure. Especially those who had been sitting on the fence like you but chose the opposite.

Friends partying at night club

The presentation had been the highlight of the night. The CEO, the boss of bosses, had come out with some jokes you didn’t even know he was capable of. His high spirits fed into the other manager’s speeches and gave the night an uplifting feel. It was as if everyone had taken hold of the same happiness and was feeding it back into the room. The applause was loud, the cheering had hurt your throat and even the presentation hadn’t felt forced or as if they were making a show out of nothing. It all felt deserved.

As you finally made your way home you find your feet aching. The dance floor had been alight with colour, amazing shapes that had made everyone feel as if they were in the midst of a disco and not a work function. You make a mental note to look up Pro System Services, the people who did the lights; they could be just what your own upcoming party needs.

You find yourself launching yourself at your bed, ready for a full night’s rest from the excitement. The ache of a good night fills your bones. Sleep begins to ebb at your consciousness, the glittering light still plays before your eyes and a smile lingers on your face.

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