The Importance of Positioning
Date: 07 July 2016

Lighting can make or break an event. Having interesting, varying lighting rather than just one bulb in the ceiling can make the world of difference to a premier event. It’s always better to have more lighting than you think you need, not to mention far cheaper to plan ahead than add more at the last minute. Lighting up a venue can be a logistical nightmare, but if you follow the right steps you will have an attractively lit event in no time.

What are the important rules of lighting? How can employing these techniques improve your event?


This is the primary source of lighting at an event. If you want this to illuminate a stage then it will be set up at 45 degrees; this is done in order eliminate all possible shadows and ensure that people’s faces are fully illuminated. To optimise this lighting it is preferable to have two key lights. Centring the spots on the subject, in the ‘full spot’, means that an optimum level is reached easily.

Top (Back) Lighting

A popular lighting choice, this lighting helps to separate those on stage from the background. This is usually placed above or behind the subject, it is then flooded until the intensity matches that of the front light. The intensity would be lessened or heightened depending on the colouring (or lack) of the subjects hair. For example, fairer hair requires less intensity whilst the darker hair requires a brighter light.

Background Lighting


The background lighting is used as a final piece in order to bring the rest of the lighting to the same level. As a result of being in the background, literally, this type of lighting needs to be subtle and not intrusive upon the others. It should not be made the centre of attention with a harsher glare type of lighting.


Of course, the stage is not the only part of an event that you might need. You can also light up the rest of the venue in interesting colours and patterns; particularly a dance floor if that is part of your event planning that will be interesting and give a vibrant feel to the event. Alternatively, you can also have smaller lighting for your tables in order to create a nicer and more intimate feel for your guests.

The way that you position the lighting can spell success or disaster for an event. It needs to be done to create the most attractive staging possible, highlighting those on stage rather than working against them. Having a stage that is badly lit can be more of a hindrance than having no lighting at all, so make sure you get experts to help you create the atmosphere to make your event as bright and well lit as possible.

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