Hot Tips for a Great Summer Work Party
Date: 20 June 2016

Summer is the perfect time for networking parties; the sun is high, spirits are lifted and you hardly ever have to battle unsavoury weather to get to and from the venue. Planning a party, though, is a big responsibility and a lot of work, especially if you want to impress people and not have them questioning your party knowledge.

So, what do you need to consider to make sure that your party is a summer hit and not a wet flop?

Location, Location, Location

Destination on a Map

Venues are an important part of planning any party. You could just have the event in your office, but that might suggest a lack of planning and care if it isn’t suitable. So, you should consider a location suitable for the occasion – the more important the event, the more luxurious and the grand the venue should be. The number of guests that you will be hosting is also an important consideration when booking a venue. Overfilling a small venue can be just as bad as having a large venue with too few people.

Food for Thought

The menu can make or break a party. People will rave about the good food and condemn bad food back to the tragic kitchen it came from. So, plan a nice spread that caters to enough people to be satisfying. But don’t stretch it out too far! Too much choice means that the quality may decrease across the vast menu.

The Perfect Soundtrack

vinyl player

It’s important that a work party has an appropriate music selection; lots of explicit music with swearing and lewd lyrics will not impress clients in the slightest. The classics tend to be a good choice, as they breach most generational gaps and employees and clients of all ages are likely to enjoy the music selection. You should create a playlist if you’re not using a professional DJ, which lasts around five hours – most parties are unlikely to last longer than this. And if someone does notice a repeated song after five hours? Refill their glass.

It is also important that you keep the music to a manageable noise level. Music that is too loud is likely to prevent conversation and may even annoy those who are attempting to converse into leaving. As a professional sound company, we have experience in keeping optimum sound levels for your guest’s ultimate enjoyment.

The Invites


There are three key things to remember to put on your invites in the summer: eating time, attire and, if it is an outside venue, what the plans are in the case of rain. Of course the date, venue and starting time are also important, but a majority of people will also want to know these three key elements which are often overlooked. You will impress with offering this information up front without people having to rely on rumour and gossip to decide the dress code.

But the most important step? Make sure that your guests have fun! A dry, boring, work event is the last thing most people want to dedicate a large amount of time to.

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