Shure WH30 Headset Microphone

Day: £15
Week: £45

The Shure Model WH30 is a light yet rugged headset microphone. Designed for vocalists and instrument-playing vocalists, the WH30 utilizes a high quality electret-condenser cartridge suitable for all applications where mobility, comfort, low microphone-visibility, and high sound quality are required.

Additional Information

Smooth, natural frequency response comparable to professional condenser
hand-held microphones

Lightweight wireframe and headband adjust for a secure, comfortable fit

Extra-strong, small-diameter microphone cable resists breakage

Moisture-proof cartridge housing

Sturdy gooseneck-boom holds mic securely in place

lsolation shock mount for reduced handling noise

Matte black finish for low visibility

High input clipping level helps avoid overload distortion

Low self-noise and high sound pressure level capability

Reliable at temperature and humidity extremes